Soundflake for iPhone

The new official client

The Basics

Soundflake finally brings you the goodness to iOS! Browse your feed, discover and follow new artists, create sets, listen to your likes and download your favorite tracks for offline listening!

Plus, you can add awesome features like Up Next, our fantastic Resume function and a beefed up Miniplayer via In App Purchase.

What’s special about Soundflake

Cool features you get with Soundflake Plus

Resume Playback

With Soundflakes resume feature, you can continue listening to awesome DJ Sets right from where you left off! No more searching for the part that you last listened to!

Mini Player

Control your music from anywhere within the app. Soundflake Plus adds swipe gestures to the mix!

Take control of the queue

Soundflake features a queue that enables you to mix and match Stream, Likes and Sets alike and reorder songs on the fly!

Up next feature

Easily add songs to your queue. Just tap and hold to get options like "Play Now", "Play Next" or "Add to Up Next".

Download the App!

Get the hearthis goodness for your iPhone, don't miss out, it's completely free!